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What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that stores information related to users’ browsing; this text is sent from the websites to the users’ terminals (computers, tablets, etc.).

Cookies allow to identify the user‘s device every time it access the website, ensuring to keep track of the visited web pages.

Some cookies are automatically deleted at the end of a browsing session, while others remain stored in terminals, normally hosted in the used browser (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

For more information on cookies and privacy, please consult the appropriate document prepared by the italian Data Protection Authority.


Cookies used by RSE SpA

RSE SpA uses cookies to get aggregate statistics about the anonimous website usage and to improve the web site content.

RSE SpA uses two different types of cookies: session and persistent.

  • session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed;
  • persistent cookies remain on the visitor’s computer unless the user deletes them. RSE SpA uses the following persistent cookies: Google Analytics, YouTube, RSE registration.

Google Analytics and YouTube cookies collect anonymous browsing data that is stored and used by Google for purposes described in the privacy policy published by Google itself.

The same data is provided by Google to RSE to get statistical reports on anonymous browsing carried out on the RSE website.

RSE Registration cookie stores browsing data that is used by RSE to verify and improve the results dissemination of its research activities and to keep track of dissemination type occurred.

RSE Registration cookie was created by RSE for its website and can not be read by other websites.

RSE SpA does not use advertising profiling cookies.


Disabling Cookies

Main browser can be set to prevent cookies registration.

However, permanently disable cookies implies the impossibility of using some services of the website such as documents download or contacting RSE via email.

If you prefer to disable cookies in your browser, refer to the help documentation on the manufacturer's website.

Here you can find links to instructions for disabling cookies for the most common browsers:

You may visit website for specific information on cookies and their control.



GDPR does not provide for the consent of the visitor for the types of cookies, which are purely technical, collected by website.