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Articolo RSE 16001825

Sicurezza della rete elettrica? Ci pensa il super-computer


Quotidiano Energia , vol. 12 N. 17, pp. 10, Gennaio-2016.

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E. Ciapessoni (RSE SpA) , D. Cirio (RSE SpA) , A. Pitto (RSE SpA)

GRID RESILIENCE 2015 - Security and vulnerabilities of the electrical system

The iTesla project leads to new methods and an open access toolbox to support the operation of the pan-European transmission system, favoring the coordination and the harmonization of operating practices.

The paper presents the results of the EU project iTESLA which has defined new methods and has built an open access toolbox to support the future operation of the pan-european transmission system.The iTESLA toolbox performs the security assessment of the European transmission system from few hours ahead to real time, accounting for both forecast uncertainties and corrective actions.