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Memoria RSE 16082274

A comprehensive analysis of facial screens


12th International Conference on Live Maintenance (ICOLIM) 26-27 978-1-5090-5132-8/17, Aprile-2017.

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L. De Maria (RSE SpA), C. Chemelli (RSE SpA) , M. Gondola (RSE SpA) , R. Malgesini (RSE SpA) , L. Barbieri (RSE SpA), G. De Donà (TERNA S.p.A), A. Barbareschi Villa (RSE SpA)

MON4-GRID 2017 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

In this work we analyze some aspects regarding the shielding capabilities of different types of facial screens. In particular we are interested in the characterization of the electric field attenuation by means of facial masks used in LLW.

Facial masks are suitable devices to limit the exposure to the electric field of a highly delicate part of the human body,  articularly in Live Line Working. A mapping of the electric field in the face region is carried out by means of a dielectric optical sensing device. A couple of technologies used for the production of transparent shields have been analyzed and compared: metallic meshes and thin conductive layers. Their shielding are reported and the latter have been chosen as the leading application. A description of the production process of the transparent conductive films is included.