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N. Pepe, G. Pirovano, A. Balzarini, A. Toppetti, G. Riva, F. Amato, et al., Enhanced CAMx source apportionment analysis based on source categories and emissive regions: Milan urban receptor case study, Atmospheric Environment,, pp. 1-13, Febbraio-2019. Articolo Ricerca di Sistema
G. Viganò, C. Michelangeli, C. Carlini, D. Moneta, M. Gallanti, Altri Autori, EV diffusion in South Tyrol: scenarios and estimation of impacts on the distribution network, CIRED 2019 The 25th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution, 3-6, Giugno-2019. Memoria Ricerca di Sistema
P. Ingenhoven, G. Belluardo, G. Makrides, D. Bertani, Analysis of Photovoltaic Performance Loss Rates of Six Module Types in Five Geographical Locations, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, vol. 9, pp. 1091-1096, Maggio-2019. Articolo Ricerca di Sistema
G. Pirovano, Altri Autori, Aerosol optical properties over Europe: an evaluation of the AQMEII Phase 3 simulations against satellite observations, Atmosferic Chemistry Physics,, vol. 19, pp. 2965-2990 2019. Articolo Ricerca di Sistema
G. Viganò, M. Rossi, D. Moneta, Effects of Distribution System Characteristics on TSO-DSO Ancillary Services Exchange, CIRED 2019 The 25th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution, 3-6, Giugno-2019. Memoria Ricerca di Sistema
A. La Bella, M. Farina, C. Sandroni, R. Scattolini, On the design of aggregators for microgrids providing active and reactive power services, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Agosto-2019. Articolo Ricerca di Sistema
M. Soleimanzade, M. Broglia, I.Quinzeni, M. Radaelli, F. Cernuschi, Electrochemical Performance of Na0.44MnO2 Synthesized bySolid State Reaction and Sol-Gel Using as A Cathode Material ForSodium Ion Batteries, The 69th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, 2-7, Settembre-2018. Poster Ricerca di Sistema
G. Agate, F. Moia, F. Colucci, Numerical simulations of the industrial process of natural gas storage in order to investigate the safety of a real depleted reservoir, SIG SIMPS- Geosciences for the environment, natural hazard and cultural heritage, 12-14, Settembre-2018. Presentazione Ricerca di Sistema
M. Balordi, S. Marchionna, F. Cernuschi, Synthesis and characterization of MXenes: a new class of 2D materials for Sodium ion batteries, ICSS Meeting 2018 The International Conference on Small Science, 2-6 , Luglio-2018. Poster Ricerca di Sistema
S. Maggiore, How to tackle energy poverty in europe: the assist project, 52° ExCo Meeting, 2, Ottobre-2018. Presentazione Unione Europea
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