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Report RSE 17001777

SunRiSE: building of a portal for the dissemination of data and forecasts for NPRSs



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G. Decimi (RSE SpA), E. Collino (RSE SpA), P. Marcacci (RSE SpA)

SCENARI 2016 - Analysis and electrical scenarios, energy, environmental

It describes the implementation of the SunRiSE portal developed to allow consultation of measures and forecasts for Renewable Non-Programmable Primary Energy Sources (FRNPs). The origins of these data are also described: obtained from satellite image processing, ground measurements and output processing of numerical meteorological models.

This report describes the implementation of the “SunRiSE” web portal ( The portal is intended as a tool for presenting and disseminating measurements, satellite estimates and forecasts for non-programmable sources of renewable energy (NPRS) and also production by NPRS for market areas.

The portal allows to represent irradiance maps for the previous day, historical data (since 2005) of accumulated annual energy and monthly average of daily cumulated energy maps. You can also consult the portal for forecast of renewable energy sources such as the Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) and the wind speed at 10m from the ground. New features have been added this year:

• forecast wind speed maps at 25, 50, 75, 100 m above the ground, 
• forecast maps for atmospheric precipitation,
• forecast maps for air temperature at 2 m above the ground,
• photovoltaic production forecasts aggregated by market areas.

Forecasts were made by elaborating the results of a numerical local regional model (RAMS Regional Atmospheric Modeling System). The analysis data and boundary conditions from the IFS global model of ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, UK) were used to drive the RAMS runs.

The portal also provide tools for rendering the data measured by the RSE solar station. In particular, you can view charts of the ground measurements of GHI, DNI, DHI (Diffused Horizontal Irradiance) and GTI30 (Global Irradiance measured on a plane 30° tilted over the horizontal).

The code developed for the implementation of the new features has made use of open source software libraries.

The report also describes the structure of the entire system that provides the data to the portal. Data presented through SunRiSE comes from a variety of sources, such as:

• data from satellite images and subsequently processed,
• data resulting from measurements on the ground, acquired through the RSE solar station,
• data produced by numerical processing or predictions made using local scale numerical weather prediction models (LAM).

The document describes the chain of processes involved in processing satellite images, the components of the acquisition, measurement and storage system for the data measured by the RSE station and the processes used to generate the weather and PV production forecasts.

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