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Report RSE 17001378

Possible participation of industrial users in the optimised management of electricenergy: the steel sector case



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A. Cavaliere (RSE SpA)

GESTDOMANDA 2016 - Demand side management


The paper describes a work addressed to investigate whether the industrial electrical users can modulate their energy request with the aim to contribute to optimized exploitation of available resources, also in view of the growing contribution, which already became significant, of renewable and not programmable energy sources.

The survey was focused on the field of electric steelworks: the extent and the way that these industrial operators use the electric energy make them potential participants in a system where users interact with the network manager.

The work took into consideration statistical data, but also resulted in an interaction with the representatives of some electrical steelworks, who described their activities and processes, providing qualitative and quantitative information on energy flows associated with them and expressing their own vision on how the industry could actively participate in the management of electricity demand.

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