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Report RSE 16001696

Esercizio flessibile degli impianti termoelettrici: caratterizzazione dei materiali esimulazione numerica a supporto dell'analisi tecnico-economica


The operation of the Italian fossil fired power plants has been radically changed due to the massive share of electric power from renewable sources. Thermal power plants competitiveness is now mainly devoted to the ancillary services, whose requirements have been increased by the intermittency and randomness of the renewable energy. The increase in life consumption of the thermal power plant, which is mainly caused by the sudden transients requested by “flexible operations”, motivated RSE to develop a method useful, on one hand, to identify the most effective plant and procedure modification, enhancing plant flexibility, and, on the other hand, to estimate transient repeatability by the synergetic use of advanced simulation tools, such as power plant dynamic simulators and F.E.M. models in a multi-physic simulation environment, and experimental test campaigns for material characterization.

The document summarizes the structure of the methodology and the progress of the project, which has been started in the previous research period 2012-2014. More specifically, the document reports the progress in the simulator building and the preliminary outcomes; additional validation of the F.E.M model of a 320 MWe steam turbine rotor versus measurements observed during a weekend shutdown and warm restart; finally, the result of service-like, thermo-mechanical fatigue test on samples of the same material of the steam turbine rotor. The outcome of the test is used to confirm the previously derived material damage law (Coffin-Manson).

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