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Paper RSE 14006606

A pyrometric technique for gas turbine inlet temperature measurement


18th TC-4 Workshop on ADC and DAC Modelling and Testing 15-17 , Settembre-2014.

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E. Golinelli (RSE SpA), S. Musazzi (RSE SpA) , F. Barberis (RSE SpA) , U. Perini (RSE SpA) , C. Cherbaucich (RSE SpA)

EVOLRETE 2014 - Evolution and planning of the national electric system

The paper describes the activities carried out in RSE on the implementation and testing of a measuring system of the turbine inlet temperature (TIT) in the gas-turbine plant based on spectroscopic measurements of the infrared radiation emitted from the CO2 molecules in the combustor exhaust gas. In particular, the paper describes the procedure for the determination of the absolute temperature by means of the calibration of the measuring system and some experimental results related to the measurements carried out both in laboratory and at Sesta test bench of gas-turbine burners.

The paper deals with a non-intrusive pyrometric technique for the real time measurement of the Gas Turbine inlet temperature (TIT), which is a critical parameter influencing both material and coating lifetime of turbines as well as their efficiency. The proposed technique relies on the detection of the radiation emitted in a narrow wavelength band by the CO2 molecules present in the combustion gas. Preliminary results will be presented relevant to measurements carried out both during laboratory tests and on a full scale test rig capable of reproducing a typical high temperature and high pressure gas turbine environment.

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