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Presentation RSE 14007594

EU 2030 objectives; development scenarios of the electrical system


Smart Energy EXPO Setting the Future 8-10 , Ottobre-2014.

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A. Gelmini (RSE SpA)

EVOLRETE 2014 - Evolution and planning of the national electric system

The presentation describes the process of defining new targets in 2030 for Europe in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing renewable energy and energy efficiency. We also analyze the impact on the national electricity system and possible necessary measures to mitigate the problems that will be determined.

To achieve the EU2030 targets, currently being defined, the Italian energy system need to increase theelectrification in final sectors in order to promote more energy efficiency. These changes will require significant investment and should therefore be carried out in an efficient way (least cost) and without negatively affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. About the power generation: the significant increase in the share of renewable generation that will achieve the EU2030 objectives will focus on solar, wind energy and biomass.

The first two sources are not programmable and with intermittent availability, They require relevant interventions for balancing, transport and the safety of the electrical network. The consequence is the transformation of the electrical system must be accompanied by the development of network infrastructures, accumulation and generation that will be needed to allow the use of energy provided by new plants, often distributed and / or non-dispatchable.

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