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Presentation RSE 14009029

Scenarios and opportunities for development of energy efficiency in Italy and in the Province of Terni


Energia e materiali per l'efficienza energetica 20, Novembre-2014.

M. Borgarello (RSE SpA)

CLIMATIZZAZIONE 2014 - Utilizzazione del calore solare e ambientale per la climatizzazione

The presentation illustrates RSE perspective on this issue, highlighting the opportunities that should be observed in the residential sector as in services and industry in Italy, more specifically in the province of Terni.

The challenging objectives that Europe has set the climate energy package in 2020 and more recently with the climate package for 2030, impose Italy to develop an appropriate strategy to achieve this targets. The strategy should address cost-effective approach according the european energy policy to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain. The presentation shows the RSE perspective on this issue, highlighting the opportunities that we can reach in the residential, tertiary and industry Italy, and more specifically in the province of Terni.

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