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Article RSE 14009180

Combined cycles with flexible working


Nuova Energia ISSN 2036-8380, vol. 3, pp. 56-59, Maggio/Giugno-2014.

A. Cammi (RSE SpA) , V. Casamassima (RSE SpA), G. Guagliardi (RSE SpA), M. Benini (RSE SpA)

EVOLRETE 2014 - Evolution and planning of the national electric system

The paper explains the need of running in extremely flexible way the combined cycles already connected to the national grid. It also describes the research activities that RSE is carrying out by the combined use ofmulti-physical dynamic simulation tools and “high fidelity” power plant dynamic simulators.

A dynamic model is worked out for a process for CO2 capture from a gas mixture flowing through a fixed-bed reactor, by adsorption on amine supported on pelleted solid mesoporous substrates (solid sorbent). Two fundamental uncertain parameters in the model are the CO2 adsorption and desorption reaction kinetic coefficients, which depend on temperature and which are estimated from data collected in a campaign of experiments performed on a diabatic tubular reactor in a laboratory plant: first, their ratio is identified by means of steady-state data; subsequently, by resorting to transient data, the two parameters are separately estimated.

The obtained model is validated with satisfactory results. Finally, a method is proposed to automatically update the estimate of the identified model parameters, since constant wear during the reactor operating life may cause that estimate to become obsolete in the long run.

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