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Paper RSE 14006657

Control of distributed generation plants and storage systems for the provision of ancillary services


Convegno Annuale AEIT 2014 - Dalla ricerca all'impresa: necessità di un trasferimento più efficace Energia, Comunicazione, Informazione, Economia 18-19 , Settembre-2014.

M. Benini (RSE SpA) , S. Canevese (RSE SpA), D. Cirio (RSE SpA) , A. Gatti (RSE SpA), D. Moneta (RSE SpA) , C. Scognamiglio (NEC Italia S.P.A), F. Mecocci (NEC Italia S.P.A)

EVOLRETE 2014 - Evolution and planning of the national electric system

The paper deals with the hypotheses for the participation of distributed generation and variable renewable energy sources in system service provision, and presents control solutions for the provision of system and local services by renewable generators coupled with battery systems.

The current power system scenario is characterized by an increasing development of Distributed Generation (DG) and an increasing spread of power generation plants fed with Non-Programmable Renewable Energy Sources (NP-RES). These plants could contribute to the provision of ancillary services for the transmission system (system services) or for the distribution network (local services).

The regulatory framework is still under discussion. However, some fundamental services can be highlighted, which are of particular interest for the network and which could be supplied also by these kinds of generation, especially if coupled with (secondary) Electrochemical Storage Systems (ESS). This way, services could be delivered while maximizing the utilization of renewable sources. This paper discusses the assumptions made for the participation of DG and NP-RES to service supply, and presents control solutions for the provision of system and local services by NP-RES plants and ESS.

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