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Presentation RSE 15004549

Climate Changes and the Electric network


AEIT Resilienza dei Sistemi Elettrici 21, Maggio-2015.

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P. Faggian (RSE SpA), A. Gelmini (RSE SpA) , G. Pirovano (RSE SpA) , F. Rossi (TERNA S.p.A), M. Sforna (TERNA S.p.A)

SCENARI 2015 - Analysis and electrical scenarios, energy, environmental

Some future climate change projections are presented and an investigation about future changes of intense meteorological events is discussed. Their potential effects on the increasing of the electric system vulnerability are analyzed and some adaptation activities currently underway and planned are presented with particular attention to wet-snow events.

Adverse meteorological events, occurring nowadays with serious damages to environment and society, and those expected in the next decades require adaptation actions, beyond mitigation activities, to reduce risks and increase resilience of the system.As an effective adaptation policy need scientific knowledge of climate changes, some medium-term climate change scenarios are presented on the basis of ten ENSEMBLES model simulations.

At first some future projections for the period 2021-2050 are presented in comparison with the reference period 1961-1990 and an investigation about future changes of intense events is discussed, because their particular effect in increasing the vulnerability of the system.

Then some future Italian energetic scenarios are briefly analyzed by considering climatic changes at seasonal and local scales (the expected warming will cause a decrease in heating demand and an increasing in cooling requirements) considering also the energetic supply structure. At last the adaptation activities currently underway and planned for the future are presented. Among several meteorological impacts the wet-snow event is highlighted because its serious and frequent damages to electric network.

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