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Article RSE 15009694

What indications for next COP21 in Paris? Twenty seven years of CO2 concentration measurements at Plateau Rosa.


Quotidiano Energia 13, vol. Anno 11 N. 205, pp. 9-11, Novembre-2015.

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F. Apadula (RSE SpA) , D. Heltai (RSE SpA) , A. Lanza (RSE SpA)

SCENARI 2015 - Analysis and electrical scenarios, energy, environmental

This article presents a synthesis of the experimental activities regarding the monitoring of greenhouse gases performed by RSE at Plateau Rosa station. It highlighting the importance and strategic role that this activity plays concerning to next COP21 to be held in Paris.

The responsibility for global warming and climate change is largely attributed to the increase in atmospheric concentrations of so-called "greenhouse gases". This article presents a brief description of the experimental activities by RSE at the greenhouse gases monitoring station of the Plateau Rosa (Aosta Valley, 3480 m above sea level ) highlighting the importance and strategic role played by this activity. For almost 27 years RSE measures carbon dioxide (CO2), whose growth trend over the period monitored only for continuous measurements (since 1993) is equal to 1.9 ppm / year (about 0.5 % per year).

RSE with the laboratory of Plateau Rosa also participates at the measurements of intercomparison of greenhouse gases that involve most of the stations of the worldwide network of monitoring. Thanks to the good correlation between emissions and concentrations it is possible to say that long-term monitoring concentration of CO2 can be considered as an indirect measurement of CO2 global emissions.

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