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Impact of European power markets on the Italian power system


AEIT, vol. 11/12, pp. 6-12, Novembre-Dicembre-2015.

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A. Taverna (Università di Milano), A. Gelmini (RSE SpA) , M. Benini (RSE SpA) , A. L´Abbate (RSE SpA)

MERCATI ELETTRICI 2015 - Evolution of interconnected electrical systems and integration of the markets

The paper shows how the energy policy of an interconnected european country affects the Italian Power Market and, also, how some different infrastrucure developments in Italy lead to consequences on the neighbour countries.

The paper reports the results of some 2020 scenario simulations of the Italian electricity market in a context of market coupling with the neighboring countries at the northern border. The results, besides overgenerations by non-dispatchable sources, show significant inter-zonal congestion from South towards North around the Center-North zone, increased by the interconnection with Montenegro and by the possible reduction of nuclear generation in Europe, that would cause a significant reduction of imports from the northern border, together with a high increase of prices in the Italian market zones.

Among them, the highest price zone in all scenarios is the North zone, making no longer actual the reasons that brought to the introduction of the PUN, whose usefulness should then be rediscussed.

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