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Article RSE 16000532

Development of a large depth of field collection optics for on-line libs applications


Spectrochimica Acta Part B, vol. 123, pp. 179-183, Luglio-2016.

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S. Musazzi (RSE SpA) , D.A. Redoglio (UniversitĂ  degli studi di Milano), E. Golinelli (RSE SpA), U. Perini (RSE SpA) , F. Barberis (RSE SpA)

MON4-GRID 2016 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

In LIBS systems on line operating, it is of paramount importance to be able to vary the distance between the sample on which measurements are made and the focusing and signal collection optics. To avoid the use of mobile optical systems (which would require a feedback device)it is developed an innovative LIBS system with fixed optics based on spherical mirrors which allows to operate with a high depth of field minimizing the spherical and chromatic aberrations.

This paper deals with the study of the collection optics required by a LIBS system that has to perform on-line analysis of moving samples whose distance may vary during measurements. Main requirement of this system is to maintain good collection efficiency over a wide range of sample distances by using a fixed focus optical arrangement.

The selected configuration is based on the use of two spherical mirrors with the same curvature radius. Tests carried out on an experimental prototype are in good agreement with the previously performed simulations.

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