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Paper RSE 16000835

Wide Area System Protection Scheme Design with an Artificial Intelligence Approach Considering Communication Constraints


IEEE ENERGYCON International Energy Conference 2016 4-8 , Aprile-2016.

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E. Ciapessoni (RSE SpA) , M. Rapizza (RSE SpA), A. Pitto (RSE SpA), S. Canevese (RSE SpA), D. Cirio (RSE SpA)

GRID RESILIENCE 2016 - Security and vulnerabilities of the electrical system

Si propone una metodologia basata su tecniche di intelligenza artificiale (Decision Trees o, in alternativa, Support Vector Machines), per il progetto di un SPS (Special Protection Scheme) che mantenga un impianto di generazione in sincronismo in caso di contingenze severe di rete. I ritardi introdotti dalla rete di comunicazione, inclusi nel progetto, sono trattati mediante tecniche probabilistiche. Come caso test si è considerata una porzione della rete IEEE a 39 bus, con un sistema di misura Wide Area basato su un insieme di Phasor Measurement Unit.

An approach for the design of a Special Protection Scheme (SPS) is presented, based on Artificial Intelligence and probabilistic techniques. In detail, the aim of the SPS is to maintain the synchronism of a power plant after grid outages. To improve the SPS design, the impact of communication delays is accountedfor in a probabilistic way. The SPS control logic, deciding how much power to curtail in order to keep system stability, is implemented with Decision Trees and, alternatively, with Support Vector Machines. As a test case, a portion of the IEEE 39-bus grid with a Wide Area Measurement System, based on Phasor Measurement Units, is studied.

The effectiveness of the designed logic is evaluated in terms of the probability of system instability, which is derived from the Probability Density Functions of the communication delay and of the Critical Delay Time, i.e. the maximum acceptable delay of the SPS action to keep the system stable.

The results yield guidelines to design communication systems which, although including further delays due to packets cryptography, minimize the probability of failure of the SPS action.

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