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Poster RSE 16001909

Surface plasmon resonance sensor in plastic optical fibers. influence of the mechanical support geometry on the performances


3° Convegno Nazionale Sensori 23-25 , Febbraio-2016.

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A. Profumo (Università di Pavia), L. Zeni (Università di Napoli), N. Cennamo (Università di Napoli), M. Pesavento (Università di Pavia), D. Merli (Università di Pavia), L. De Maria (RSE SpA), C. Chemelli (RSE SpA)

MON4-GRID 2015 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

This work concerns the development and characterization of sensors for the on-line monitoring of one or more diagnostic indicators in the insulating oil of power transformers.

The integration of low cost and not invasive sensors in electrical equipment, as diagnostic tools, can improve management of the Assets of Transmission and Distribution networks. Optical sensors could be particularly advantageous to identify promptly and certainly an approaching fault in power transformers, avoiding serious service outages.

In this framework, authors have recently reported an ad hoc developed optical platform for on-line detection, in oil-filled transformers, of chemical species related to performance degradations of these equipment. In this work the authors investigate the role of the geometric shape of the with different sensing regions, has been implemented and subsequent experimental testing has been conducted to confirm the simulation results.

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