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Presentation RSE 16081547

Numerical modeling of a gas reservoir exploitation


International CAE Conference 17-18, Ottobre-2016.

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F. Colucci (RSE SpA), R. Guandalini (RSE SpA) , F. Moia (RSE SpA) , G. Agate (RSE SpA)

ACCUMULO 2016 - Energy storage materials and technologies for the electric system

Example of assessment of storage of natural gas in a deep reservoir in Lombardy.

A software suite, called GeoSIAM (Integrated System for GeoModelling Analyses), has been developed in order to realize numerical simulations of all the energy production aspects involving geological reservoirs, such as CO2 and gas storage, oil&gas production, geothermal field exploitation and compressed air energy storage, mainly with the goal of verifying the feasibility and safety of the processes.

In order to point out the main methodology aspects, a demo study referred to a gas field located in Lombardia (Italy) is shown, which analysis includes the creation of the 3D static geological model and the related 3D fluid dynamic model, the search of the equilibrium steady state of the geological reservoir corresponding to the discovery condition and finally the transient simulation of a typical natural gas production and storage scenario, with the goal ofverifying the sustainability of the whole process from the safety point of view. The results prove thatGeoSIAM allows to perform geological reservoir characterizations with an high level of accuracy and reliability.

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