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Presentation RSE 16002267

Soluzioni di efficienza energetica per l'industria alimentare e siderurgica


Industria 4.0 Diagnosi energetica: il primo passo verso una smart factory? 3, Marzo-2016.

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F. Bazzocchi (RSE SpA)

INDUSTRIA 2016 - Energy efficiency in industrial sector

Results of the analysis on efficiency interventions in the food and steel industries and the savings achievable at national level are presented.

Italian industry is responsible for one third of the national energy consumptions. The National Energy Strategy established that this sector should achieve a saving of about 4 million toe by 2020. Many efforts are carrying on in this sense to support the effective implementation of energy efficiency improvements in industries, like Energy Efficiency Schemes. However, there are still many problems related to the difficulty of involving industries in developing and realising energy efficiency projects.The study presented consists in an analysis of a representative sample of real energy efficiency projects, already realised by different Italian industry stakeholders or currently underway.

The purpose is to identify and classify, according to the principles of technological and economic sustainability, the main energy efficiency measures used by different sectors of the Italian industry. These data are used to verify the replicability, in short or medium term, of the identified energy efficiency measures in order to evaluate the potential impact in terms of global energy saving at national level.In this presentation two segments are specifically analysed: iron and steel and food industries. The first one represents an example of high density sector; the second one is highly representative of the Italian manufacturing sector and is strongly oriented to the energy efficiency improvement of its processes.

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