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Presentation RSE 16003079

Storage systems supporting the electrical system: technologies, applications, regulatory context


ALDAI Riunione mensile del Gruppo Energia ed Ecologia Smart Grid e sistemi di accumulo di energia Milano 17, Marzo-2016.

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E. Micolano (RSE SpA)

SMART-DSYS 2016 - Development and management of distribution networks

The presentation summarizes the state of the art of storage technologies, describes the regulatory environment and the main applications supporting the electrical system, reporting examples of cost-benefit analysis.

Starting from the definition of electrical energy storage system, the presentation summarizes the state of art of the available technologies, focusing on the comparison of performances and their attitude to carry out different grid services. The presentation introduces the main applications in support of the electrical system, reporting the results of some cost-benefit analysis and describes the regulatory framework for the installation and management of the systems and the standardization activities in progress at national and international level.

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