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Poster RSE 16005735

Combined optical sensor and capacitor voltage divider arrangement for Voltage control in Medium Voltage Switchboards


EUROSENSORS 2016 4-7 , Settembre-2016.

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L. De Maria (RSE SpA), D. Bartalesi (RSE SpA), N.C. Pistoni (OPTOELECTRONICS AND FIBRE OPTICS)

SMART-DSYS 2016 - Development and management of distribution networks

The presentation concerns the development of medium voltage. A compact and miniaturized optical prototype was assembled and inserted into a capacitive divider. The preliminary results of the electrical characterizations have disappeared from substations and substations of the distribution network.

The integration in a capacitor voltage divider of an optical sensor, based on a double electrooptic crystals layout and on a standard single mode fibre arrangement, has been proposed as a way to obtain a low cost, accurate and intrinsically safe voltage sensor for an on line control of the voltage value in Medium Voltage (MV) switchboard.A compact and miniaturized optical prototype based on a back reflected layout, has been previously designed, assembled and characterized on a laboratory mock up.

In this work it has been successively inserted in a capacitor voltage divider circuit to preliminary evaluate the feasibility of the whole integrated system as protective voltage transformer. Preliminary results of electrical characterizations confirmed the potential suitability of the adopted optical configuration for controlling electric network equipment.

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