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Article RSE 16070992

A large depth of field LIBS measuring system for elemental analysis of moving samples of raw coal


Spectrochimica Acta Part B , vol. 116, pp. 46–50, Novembre-2015.

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D. Redoglio (Università degli studi di Milano), S. Musazzi (RSE SpA) , U. Perini (RSE SpA) , F. Barberis (RSE SpA) , E. Golinelli (RSE SpA)

MON4-GRID 2015 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

We present an innovative LIBS system characterized by a large depth of field for on line measurements on raw coal.

We present preliminary results of laboratory tests carried out on moving samples of coal by means of an innovative LIBS system with a large depth of field. The measuring system has been conceived to operate on line in a coal fired power plant. To duplicate at laboratory level the real situation, the coal samples are sequentially positioned under the measuring head by means of a translation/rotation unit that allows reproducing the behavior of the raw coal transported by a conveyor belt.

Experimental results show that both carbon and hydrogen concentration as well as the content of some inorganic components (Al, Ca, Fe, Si) can be evaluated with good accuracy.

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