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Article RSE 16005755

Combined Molecularly Imprinted Polymer and Surface Plasmon Resonance transduction in Plastic Optical Fiber for monitoring oilfilled power transformers


Procedia Engineering , vol. 87, pp. 532 – 535 2015.

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N. Cennamo (Università di Napoli), G. D Agostino (Università di Pavia), M. Pesavento (Università di Pavia), L. De Maria (RSE SpA), L. Zeni (Università di Napoli)

SMART-DSYS 2015 - Development and management of distribution networks

L'article concerns the development and application of innovative devices for the control of medium voltage electrical equipment. A compact and miniaturized optical prototype was assembled and inserted into a capacitive divider. Preliminary results of electrical characterizations have confirmed its potential application to voltage control in cabin compartments and substations of the distribution network.

In this work the feasibility of an optical method for an early and high sensitivity detection of chemical agents in oil-filled power transformer is reported. It concerns the assessment of accelerated ageing of transformer insulating systems, primarily constituted of oil, paper and cellulose through an online detection of cellulose degradation by-products.

The proposed optical device exploits the Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) excitation in a plastic optical fiber (POF) platform. High selectivity is obtained by a joint detection with a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) layer, very specific for one of the most significant indicators of thetransformer possible failure, furfural, in contact with the SPR active surface. Preliminary results of tests, carried out on calibrated furfural concentration diluted in transformer oil, confirm the feasibility of the proposed optical approach.

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