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Article RSE 17000600

Design and optimisation of the nozzle of an innovative high temperature solid particulate erosion testing system using finite element modelling


Applied Mathematics and Computation , vol. 301, pp. 60-69, Maggo-2017.

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N.A.S. Smith (Materials Division), F. Cernuschi (RSE SpA) , L.E. Crocker (Materials Division), A.T. Fry (Materials Division), L. Lorenzoni (RSE SpA)

METROSION - Metrology to Enable High Temperature Erosion Testing

In this paper a description of the modelling of a nozzle for high temperature solid particle erosion and the comparison of theoretical results with experimental data has been provided.

A new high temperature solid particulate erosion test system has been designed at the National Physical Laboratory to improve the quality of high temperature erosion tests. The new test system is designed to carry out experiments at temperatures up to 900 °C andparticle velocities up to 300 ms −1 . This has been achieved through the careful design of the nozzle, balancing the gas flow, gas pressure and nozzle geometry to achieve the design goals. The nozzle design has been carried out using multi-physics Finite Element Modelling to analyse the gas flow and temperature.

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