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F. Trespidi, A. Malchiodi, F. Farina, Note: Photoluminescence measurement system for multi-junction solar cells, Review of Scientific Instruments, 0034-6748/2017/88(5)/056104/3/$30.00, vol. 056104, pp. 88-90, Maggio-2017. Article Power System Research
B. Bessagnet, G. Pirovano, M. Mircea, C. Cuvelier, A. Aulinger, G. Calori, et al., Presentation of the EURODELTA III intercomparison exercise – evaluation of the chemistry transport models’ performance on criteria pollutants and joint analysis with meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10.5194/acp-16-12667-2016, pp. 12667–12701, Ottobre-2016. Article Power System Research
G. Mazza´, A. Frigerio, Assessment of the relationship between dam owners and host territories: the Italian experience, 84th ICOLD Annual Meeting 15-20 , Maggio-2016. Paper Power System Research
F. Cernuschi, C. Guardamagna, L. Lorenzoni, Solid particle erosion of standard and advanced thermal barrier coatings, Helmholz Symposium on Materials and Coating for High Temperatures 7 -8 , Aprile-2016. Presentation European Union
F. Cernuschi, Influence of embedded MoSi2 particles on the high temperature thermal conductivity of SPS produced yttria-stabilised zirconia, 43rd ICMCTF International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 25-29 , Aprile-2016. Presentation European Union
S. Boldrini, F. Cernuschi, P. Bison, IR thermography applied to flash experiments of semitransparent TBCs, QIRT' 13th Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Conference 4-8 , Luglio-2016. Paper European Union
E.D. Sofen, D. Bowdalo, M.J. Evans, F. Apadula, M. Brunetti, Altri Autori, Gridded Global Surface Ozone Metrics for Atmospheric Chemistry Model Evaluation, Earth System Science Data, doi:10.5194/essd-8-41-2016, pp. 41-59, Febbraio-2016. Article Power System Research
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, P. Wylach, G. Pugni, F. Bellio, Application of Monitoring Standards for enhancing Smart Grids Security, Cigrè Session 46 21-26 , Agosto-2016. Paper European Union
A. Temporelli, P. Girardi, Smartainability®: assessing smart cities sustainability, Il Giornale dell'Ingegnere, vol. 1/2, Gennaio-Febbraio-2016. Article Power System Research
S. Marchionna, F. Cernuschi, A. Le Donne, S. Binetti, M. Acciarri, M. Merlini, Cu2MnSnS4: An alternative chalcogenide to push the PV on TW-Scale, ° Congresso nazionale del gruppo interdivisional ENERCHEM 18-20 , Febbraio-2016. Poster Power System Research
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