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Thermo-physical Characterisation of Materials Laboratory

At the Thermo-physical Characterisation of Materials Laboratory advancedfunctional coatings (thermal barrier, corrosion/oxidation/erosion barriers, catalysts, membranes, etcetera) and innovative bulk structural materials candidates to be used in electric power plants are characterised by measuring the thermal diffusivity/ conductivity, the specific heat and the thermal expansion coefficient as a function of temperature  more

Superconductivity Laboratory

The Superconductivity Laboratory designs and realises devices for the energy system based on the use of Low Temperature and High Temperature Superconductors (LTS and HTS respectively).


Laboratory of Microscopy and Mechanical Testing for Large Power Plant

The laboratory acts as service of mechanical, thermal and microstructuralcharacterisation of materials for large power plants and materials applied inother field of activity related to power generation  more

Concentrating Photovoltaic Laboratory

The laboratory, located at Piacenza Le Mose, conducts research on multi-junction cells and LEDs based on III-V compounds and on the characterization aspects of photovoltaic modules and concentrating photovoltaic systems  more

Chemical and Biological Test Laboratory (LCTB)

The activities of the laboratory are focused on the analysis of environmentalsamples, the development of analytical methods and the preparation ofreagents and equipments used in the experimental surveys targeted to thecharacterization of the aquatic (rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs, etcetera),terrestrial (soils) and atmospheric (emissions) ecosystems  more