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Electric Grid & Components

Cyber Security Lab

The lab carries out activities aimed to experimentally assess the impact of cyber attacks to the systems governing the operation of electrical grids, as well as the effectiveness of the security countermeasures embedded in their architecture.  more

Calibration Laboratory

The laboratory is aimed at the performance of calibration activities by means of standards, electronic instruments, measurement chains and power supply sources that are periodically calibrated with reference to national standards.  more

Mechanical Tests Laboratory

In the laboratory it is possible to perform different types of tests on components of electrical overhead lines and substations: conductors and relevant fittings (traditional, HTLS - high temperature and low sag, with composite material cores), optical cables associated with power lines (OPGW, ADSS, wrapped, ...), overhead cables, insulators (composite and ceramic), electrical equipment.  more

Faraday Cage Laboratory (250 kV AC)

The lab is constituted by a test cell size (LxWxH) about 7x7x4 m with metalwalls continuous and filtered alimentation to have a very clean environmentelectromagnetically to the frequencies of interest for measurement ofpartial discharges and of radio interference (up to frequencies of someMHz).  more

Sensors and Instrumentation Laboratory

The Sensors and Instrumentation Laboratory main activities consist in the development and characterization of innovative sensors and systems and in the study and demonstration of unexplored uses of already developed prototype/commercial sensors. The application concerns the electro-energetic field - transmission and distribution network, Smart grid, Smart city, electrical mobility, etc…  more

Laboratory of Electronic Technologies

The Electronic Technologies Laboratory is fitted with assembly stations forprototype electronic boards and systems, and testing workbenches for settingup test equipment configurations  more

Batteries Laboratory

Under revision  more

Low Voltage Distributed Energy Resource Test Facility

RSE DER Test Facility is a complete and well-structured Low Voltage grid usedto develop studies and experimentation on Distributed Energy Resources, inparticular Smart Grids simulation.  more