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Three countries “keep their balance” with the eBADGE project

RSE’s contributes to creating a balancing simulator involving Austria, Italy and Slovenia. An analysis is provided of the economic benefits of a shared management of power reserves.  more


APOLLON: Five years of Work In One Monograph

The report, issued in English and edited by RSE, provides an overview of the entire concentrating photovoltaic technology's development chain, including an economic analysis.  more


RSE's Research Under the Spotlight at the Solar Expo in Milan

We are the main technical and scientific partner  at the event scheduled for May 7-9. We will participate in eight meetings under the heading of smart technologies  more


INSPIRE-GRID,now online to improve social acceptance

The website of the European three-year project funded under FP7 and coordinated by RSE is now online.  more


RSE Provides Summary View on Smart Grid Achievements

RSE’s report titled A Snapshot of Smart Grids Achievements in Italy  describes the main applications for smart grid technologies to transmission and distribution networks, outlines the main projects underway and depicts Italy’ s future prospects and trends in the sector  more


Energy Efficiency: an option (and a must) for schools, too

A study by RSE quantifies and assesses the environmental and economic benefits of making Italian schools more energy efficient  more


RSE Increasingly Taking Centre Stage in Smart Energy Projects

The Confindustria’s study drawn up through scientific cooperation with RSE was presented. Besseghini: “We contributed our experience in creating a new methodological approach having the energy system as the core goal of analysis”  more


Besseghini (RSE): “Energy Storage Technology will Bring Benefits for the Energy System”

On the 17th of September RSE partecipated in the presentation of a research study, sponsored by ANIE Energy, on the spread of residential electric energy storage system  more


ERNCIP users rank PCS-ResTest lab amongst top5 for visibility

The data released by the European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP) put the Power Control System Resilience Testing of RSE among the top five most viewed inventory ERNCIP  more


Concentrating solar power: APOLLON crosses finish line at the Gorizia workshop

17 partners from eight European Countries took part in the project with RSE in the front line  more

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