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Conference AEIT - Mobility and power system research - an exciting journey

Conference AEIT - Mobility and power system research - an exciting journey

The lecture by prof. Maurizio Delfanti, CEO of RSE, invited at the opening session of the AEIT Annual International Conference on September 22, 2020 has been appreciated by the (virtual) attendance and by the Conference chair, prof. Massimo La Scala, presiding over the general session.

Prof. Delfanti speech was delivered just after the DSO (e-distribuzione) and the TSO (TERNA) top manager contribution and was designed to describe the potential, yet decisive, importance of the development of e-mobility, in the path towards decarbonisation of the Italian power system. The journey, started many years ago by the research projects of RSE, is now oriented towards the support to the Public Administration, to advise on the measures to be taken to promote and to accompany the projected growth of electric and hybrid vehicles, as planned in the Italian Climate and Energy plan and beyond.

Nevertheless, this exciting journey, that promises such a large availability of energy storage by electric vehicle batteries to give flexibility to the entire system, has to be accompanied by careful investigations. In fact, RSE is committed to studies, both speculative and experimental, in collaboration with various network operators, vehicle manufacturers and local administrations, in order to explore complex technological and system problems, focussing mainly on the infrastructure development and its management, to allow the optimal integration of grid and mobility needs.

Of course, the position of RSE is naturally oriented (as always) to the benefit of all users of the system, and eventually to the public interest.

M. Delfanti Mobility and power system research – an exciting journey