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M. Notaro, G. Ciceri, D. Cipriano, G. Martignon, L. Fialdini, M. Scagliotti, The project’s contribution to national and international activities: partnerships with stakeholders and the european project ASC2, 2016. Report Power System Research
M. Notaro, L. Mazzocchi, Feasibility study of a process for the combined and simultaneous removal ofparticulate and gaseous contaminant from flue gases combustion of biomasscombustion, 2016. Report Power System Research
M. Scagliotti, M. Notaro, A. Rossetti, Development and field validation of upgrading processes of biogas to biomethane with solid sorbents based on ammine or with physical adsorbents, 2016. Report Power System Research
M. Notaro, M. Scagliotti, Tecnologia di raffinazione del biogas a biometano con sorbenti solidi: valutazione e validazione del processo mediante prove in campo e attività di laboratorio per lo sviluppo di nuovi sorbenti, 2015. Report Power System Research
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