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Interactive Wind Atlas of Italy

Interactive Wind Atlas of Italy

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Laura Serri

The website of the wind atlas of Italy provides data and information on the distribution of the wind resource on the Italian territory and marine areas and, at the same time, helps to identify the most interesting areas for the exploitation of wind energy

The Atlas is a tool specifically designed to support decision makers in the field of sustainable development and electricity grid management, to assist investors in assessing opportunities and risks associated with wind farms installation and to provide information to research bodies. The WebGIS version of the Atlas (ATLAEOLICO) allows an interactive approach by the users. It contains a set of maps regarding wind energy resource. In particular, annual mean wind speed and specific production maps at 25, 50, 75 and 100 m a.g.l. and a.s.l. have been implemented in order to understand the possible scenarios of wind energy deployment both onland and offshore within 40 km from the coast. Information concerning the regional guidelines and the geographical distribution of wind power installations have implemented too. In the section "download data", wind data (measured by RSE met stations and buoy) and the geo-referenced maps of the Atlas can be downloaded after registration. Through a calculation tool, a technical-economic evaluation of hypothesis of wind farms in sites within the Atlas maps extension can be performed. English version is available.

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