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Electric System Research (Ricerca di Sistema)

Electric System Research (Ricerca di Sistema)

This site section reports RSE power system research projects

With its projects, Ricerca di Sistema  is currently the most significant RSE activity.

Activity topics concern electricity system innovation, its technological development and topics of general interest such as efficiency, economics and material, process and device experimentation.
The need to fund basic research emerged following the liberalisation of the italian electricity market and thus Ricerca di Sistema  is financed by the A5 rate component according to that set forth by ministerial decree 26/00 (Identification of general fees concerning the electricity system).

RSE activities are developed in three-year plans set by agreements with the Ministry of Economic Development (MSE) that contain projects divided in three subject areas:

  • Electricity System Governance
  • Energy Productions and Sources
  • End uses

RdS results are presented each year to follow progress and, thus, with a final report at the end of the third year.