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Project SOLARE 2014

Electricity from solar energy

Power System Research


Vincenzo Fantini


The report describes the main results of the project "Electricity from solar energy" in the reference period from March 2014 to February 2015; the project encompasses all the main phases of the Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) technological chain.

Starting from updating the international context and perspectives both of the development of CPV technology and the market, the results concerning the optimization of growth of triple-junction solar cells with conversion efficiency higher than 36% and related post-grow processes, necessary for developing the device as a whole, are reported. The development of the techniques implemented into RSE instrumentation for the characterization of the devices is presented. The development of prototypes of innovative coatings of nano-structured anti-reflection type suitable for the solar cells and of antisoiling type for CPV modules are also reported. New CPV modules realized by RSE, one of the main products of the three-years research, are presented: the modules, equipped by 32 solar cells, have high efficiency (up to 31.5%) and concentration factor (>840 suns), features that are close to the upper limit of high performing modules internationally available, and incorporate the innovative optical system and the solar pointing sensor, both developed in the present research by RSE, and are basically built by Italian technology. The modules were integrated into an experimental CPV system developed and installed in the RSE Test Facility and characterized in outdoor conditions. Other results regarding the collection and management of data of solar Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) in Italy, provided by an ad hoc consortium managed by RSE, are reported.

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