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Project MON4-GRID 2015

Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

Power System Research


Giovanni Pirovano

The document presents a summary of the results achieved in the research whose goal was the study, development and use of innovative management, monitoring and diagnosis techniques of transmission networks, in order to assess their operating performance, including the relation to environmental conditions and the decisive influence that these have on the network

This document provides a summary of the main results of the activities in the annual period PAR 2015 of the project "Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid".

The document is divided into an introductory chapter which illustrates the principle of national and international research programs, and the main objectives of the three-year project, which is followed by the description of the project structure. The report shows the key results, the objectives and reasons for the research and development phases thereof, and a brief summary of the activity carried out in the previous PAR. Then follows a brief description of the activities in the work of research groups and standardization at national and international level.

The action of dissemination of knowledge has been practiced continuously through the publication of articles and conference presentations, for details, see the concluding chapter.

The overall objective of the project is the study, and the development and use of innovative management techniques, monitoring and diagnosis of transmission networks, in order to assess the operating performance, including also the relation to environmental conditions and to the decisive influence these have on the network.

In particular, among the main activities, are cited: 

  • The activities aimed at mapping the contamination levels of the national electricity grid insulators and the realization of a forecasting system of deposition of pollutants on the electricity grid insulators
  • The start of the construction, in collaboration with TERNA, of the new LANPRIS station for the insulator experimentation and aging studies.
  • The installation and setup of the device AMICO DC (Artificially Moistened Insulator for Cleaning Organization for DC).
  • The creation and testing of a pre-engineered system for electric field measurements on live components
  • The validation on small scale of the corona simulation code, code optimization, integration of complex chemical models
  • The development and characterization of the sensitive element of the optical sensor (based on molecularly imprinted polymer), for monitoring of chemical parameters in transformers oil
  • The design of a prototype system for continuous monitoring of conductor sag in overhead lines
  • The project of the transportable version of an electro-optical field sensor with fast response suitable for the measurement of partial discharges
  • The development of the new test pattern for the study of the solid insulation system of aging phenomena of oil insulated transformers
  • The completion of metrology equipment for the characterization of LiOnHVV device accuracy in field verification of voltage transformers for energy measures.

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