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Project EFFICIENZA 2014

Electricity savings in the fields of civil, industry and services

The report summarizes the actions taken in the field of energy efficiency, to support institutional bodies, together with the results of the research on technologies to improvements in the same field, proposals for different sectors. Studies were also targeted, as required by European legislation and national energy policies, including the removal of barriers that hinder the full development.

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S. Bittanti, L. Bolzani, S. Canevese, A. De Marco, F. Drago, P. Pinacci, Hydrogen Separation Via a Palladium Membrane: Modeling and Identification, 19th IFAC World Congress 24-29, Agosto-2014. Paper Power System Research
E. Tironi, R. Menga, LED street lighting with DC power supply, Convegno Annuale AEIT 2014 Dalla ricerca all'impresa: necessità di un trasferimento più efficace Energia, Comunicazione, Informazione, Economia 18-19 , Settembre-2014. Paper Power System Research
M. Notaro, V. Prandoni, L. Bisone, S. Bittanti, S. Canevese, A. De Marco, et al., Modeling and Parameter Identification for CO2 Post-Combustion Capture by Amines Supported on Solid Sorbents, 19th IFAC World Congress 24-29, Agosto-2014. Paper Power System Research
P. Cristiani, S.P. Bertini, E. Trasatti, M. Balordi, E. Storni, G. Guerrini, Manganese cycle in the meromictic lake Idro, 15th Edition of the World Lake Conference (WLC15) 1-5, Settembre-2014. Paper Power System Research
F. Bazzocchi, L. Croci, On field performances of geothermal heat pumps: the cases of an historicalbuilding and an experimental facility, 49th AiCAAR International Conference Historical and existing buildings: designing the retrofit 11-13, Dicembre-2014. Paper Power System Research

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