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Project EFFICIENZA 2014

Electricity savings in the fields of civil, industry and services

The report summarizes the actions taken in the field of energy efficiency, to support institutional bodies, together with the results of the research on technologies to improvements in the same field, proposals for different sectors. Studies were also targeted, as required by European legislation and national energy policies, including the removal of barriers that hinder the full development.

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C. Santoro, P. Cristiani, M. Bestetti, P. Atanassov, E. Guerrini, S. PM Trasatti, et al., Enzymatic Oxygen Micro-sensor based on Bilirubin Oxidase applied to Microbial Fuel Cells analysis, Electroanalysis Journal, DOI: 10.1002/elan.201400543, pp. 327-335, Gennaio-2015. Article Power System Research
P. Cristiani, M. Daghio, I. Gandolfi, G. Bestetti, E. Guerrini, Anodic and cathodic microbial communities in single chamber microbial fuel cells, New Biotechnology, vol. 32, N. 1, pp. 79-84, Gennaio-2015. Article Power System Research
A. Capozza, A. Zarrella, M. De Carli, Long-term analysis of two GSHP systems using validated numericalmodels and proposals to optimize the operating parameters, Energy and Buildings, vol. 93, pp. 50-64, Febbraio-2015. Article Power System Research
R. Forkel, R. Bianconi, Altri Autori, G. Pirovano, G. Curci, R. Bar, et al., Analysis of the WRF-Chem contributions to AQMEII phase2 with respect to aerosol radiative feedbacks on meteorology and pollutant distributions, Atmospheric Environment, vol. 115, pp. 630-645, Ottobre-2014. Article Power System Research
J. Greenman, P. Atanassov, C. Santoro, S. Babanova, A. J. Schuler, B. Li, et al., The effects of wastewater types on power generation and phosphorus removal of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) with activated carbon (AC) cathodes, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 39, pp. 21796-21802, 2014. Article Power System Research
L. Honzak, G.A. Grell, R. San Jos, A. Balzarini, G. Pirovano, P. Tuccella, et al., WRF-Chem model sensitivity to chemical mechanisms choice in reconstructing aerosol optical properties, Atmospheric Environment, vol. 115, pp. 604-619, Dicembre-2014. Article Power System Research
R. Bianconi, A. Balzarini, G. Curci, C. Hogrefe, Altri Autori, G. Pirovano, et al., Uncertainties of simulated aerosol optical properties induced by assumptions on aerosol physical and chemical properties: an AQMEII-2 perspective, Atmospheric Environment, vol. 115, pp. 541-552, Settembre-2014. Article Power System Research
S. Maggiore, L. Mazzocchi, L. Barbierato, V. Bella, F. Bellifemine, Analysis of the Flexibility of the Application for Energy residential electric energy in Italy, L'Energia Elettrica, vol. 91 N. 4, pp. 19-31, Luglio/Agosto-2014. Article Power System Research
D. Brunner, R. Baró, O. Jorba, B. Eder, L. Giordano, A. Badia, et al., Comparative analysis of meteorological performance of coupled chemistrymeteorology models in the context of AQMEII phase 2, Atmospheric Environment, vol. 115, pp. 470-498, Dicembre-2014. Article Power System Research
P. Suppan, Altri Autori, R. Forkel, A. Balzarini, G. Pirovano, Ranjeet S. Sokhi, et al., Analysis of Meteorology-Chemistry Interactions During Air Pollution Episodes Using Online Coupled Models Within AQMEII Phase-2, Atmospheric Environment, vol. 115, pp. 527-540 2014. Article Power System Research
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