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Project SMART-DSYS 2015

Development and management of distribution networks

The document summarizes the results achieved in research on active distribution networks, innovative functions and devices, including energy storage systems, which improve monitoring, control and diagnostics. The results concern the development of new technologies, their experimentation in laboratory and in field and activities to support institutions in international initiatives for the development of Smart Grids.

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D. Bertani, Grid defection for domestic end-users: utopia or pausible scenario?, L'Energia Elettrica, 1590-7651, vol. 92 N. 5, pp. 9-14, Settembre/Ottobre-2015. Article Power System Research
G. Manzini, P. Gramazio, S. Guastella, C. Liciotti, G.L. Baffoni, The fire risk in photovoltaic installations - Test protocols for fire behavior of PV, Energy Procedia 70° Congresso Nazionale ATI 9-11 , pp. 752–758 , Settembre-2015. Article Power System Research
R. Chiumeo, C. Gandolfi, Technical-economic sustainability of premium power parks, Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 125 (2015) , pp. 196–202 2015. Article Power System Research
G. Dondossola, Cyber Security of Power Systems: another safety dimension, Il Giornale Dell’Ingegnere , vol. 12, Dicembre-2015. Article Power System Research
L. De Maria, Medium-voltage networks and components smarter and more reliable: The role of optical technologies in the future of electrical distribution networks, Quotidiano Energia 23, vol. 232 Anno 11 , pp. 5, Dicembre-2015. Article Power System Research
N. Cennamo, G. D Agostino, M. Pesavento, L. De Maria, L. Zeni, Combined Molecularly Imprinted Polymer and Surface Plasmon Resonance transduction in Plastic Optical Fiber for monitoring oilfilled power transformers, Procedia Engineering , vol. 87, pp. 532 – 535 2015. Article Power System Research
R. Chiumeo, L. Garbero, F. Malegori, L. Tenti, The evaluation of the origin of voltage dips monitored in the MV network, L’Energia Elettrica, vol. 92 N. 3, pp. 37-45, Maggio/Giugno -2015. Article Power System Research
I. Gianinoni, Smart Grids: test and demonstration initiatives at global level, Nuova Energia, ISSN 2036-8380, vol. XIII, pp. 64-67, Marzo/Aprile-2015. Article Power System Research
L. Serri, E. Lembo, C. Vannini, Offshore wind energy sector has not yet started in Italy. RSE gathered the operators view., Quotidiano Energia , vol. 11 N. 99, pp. 8-9, Maggio-2015. Article Power System Research
G. Manzini, Photovoltaic modules – The fire risk, La Termotecnica , vol. 6, pp. 42-43, Luglio/Agosto -2015. Article Power System Research
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