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Project RETE-TRA 2016

Evolution and development of the power transmission network

In order to support current European energy policies, the development of a pan-European power transmission infrastructure must be promoted to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of electricity across countries and the injection of power into the grid, to integrate new technologies, especially those based on variable renewable energy sources (VRES) generation, often located far away from consumption centres over long distances, and to foster the process towards the build-up of a fully-integrated energy market.

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G. Ceresa, A. L´Abbate, V. Viscardi, R. Calisti, M. Cazzol, Modeling developments for power transmission optimisation RSE 17001173, 2016. Report Power System Research
S. Maran, M. Vergata, Public participation and stakeholder engagement in the development of the electicity grid RSE 17001422, 2016. Report Power System Research
A. L´Abbate, Recommendations for European interconnection capacity targets RSE 17006110, 2016. Report Power System Research

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Power System Research