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People Centric easy to implement e-mobility

People Centric easy to implement e-mobility

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The EU-MOBY platform is a cluster of projects, started late 2013 and conceived as the evolution of the MOB platform which, across the P-MOB, WIDE-MOB, HI-WI and EM-SAFETY projects has developed the first prototype of modular urban light electric vehicle, together with a number of breakthrough underlying technologies (on-board solar, low-voltage power conversion, distributed propulsion, ... ) now being adopted by several OEMs

FREE-MOBY projects aim to implement and easy to deploy micro fully electrical vehicles (450-650kg and speeds up to 90+ km/h)) and city EVs (650-1000kg). By an extra cost of only 15% solar installations in roof houses can be integrated with robust battery packs that can smooth peak powers up to 30%. Solar parking and integrated photovoltaic-battery installations are becoming more and more popular in many EU countries. The availability of largely deployed renewable energy installations attracts a large number of EV users with a push-pull impact on efficiency, reduced energy waste (wind) and dependency on hydrocarbons.

FREE-MOBY addresses:

  • Developments of prototypes of premium Micro EVs for both passengers and freight delivery applying large scale manufacturing concepts
  • Full convergence between renewable energy and electromobility with common technology developments
  • Demonstration of secure and smart interactivity vehicle to infrastructures
  • Development of a simplified electric architecture serving a two motor powertrain with robotised two gear box and independent two axels control
  • Development of universal battery-monitoring systems, with a focus on simplified battery management systems based on pure monitoring of cells status
  • Development of sub-module battery packs holdings integrating monitoring and managing sensing electronics
  • Development of modular battery packs sub-modules based on standard battery cells including the option of safe partialswapping
  • ICT use leading to lower vehicles production cost and simplified maintenance
  • Developments smart photovoltaic modules with embedded electronic
  • Integration of simplified overall electric architectures by adopting the ICT advancements introduced in portable devices

The project will open a new route in electro-mobility based on simplicity, freedom of operation, low cost of use and easy to find components.

The main objective of the project is to develop concepts of low cost, efficient and safe premium micro e-vehicles. It is also a general objective of the project to promote the establishment of regional vertical supply chains among European companies capable of delivering all key enabling technologies for the large scale manufacturing of multipurpose Micro electrical vehicles. The project will adopt technologies and methodologies developed in previous calls of the DG connect Directorate in terms of system integration on powertrain, batteries, solar panels, energy management, market perspectives.


You may access the project website to find detailed and updated info on project structure, partners, news, events, pubblications and more.