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T&D networks planning

Based on analyses of development scenarios, RSE provides direct support to the technical structures of the Ministry of Economic Development called to plan the Italian Electricity Networks. This activity represents a concrete contribution to be able to meet the commitments taken at EU level by 2020, a total contribution from renewable sources of at least 17% of the gross final consumption of energy.

A commitment that involves a lot of effort in the evolution of the national electricity system that RSE helps to promote through:

 • The implementation of shared support tools for all stakeholders involved in development and planning decisions regarding the electricity transmission network
 • Studies and trials of technological solutions to increase the carrying capacity of existing lines, especially in those areas where it is more difficult to build new power lines
 • The development and analysis of methodologies for environmental impact assessment of the interconnections

 The 2020 target can be achieved by supporting the development of renewable energy sources and promoting appropriate energy efficiency measures. Moreover, it is necessary to improve the management and operation tools of the power system as well as support the actions required to develop the electricity transmission system, which is the real "backbone" of the electricity system.