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Market simulation

The liberalization process that has affected the electricity markets at international level with the involvement of increasingly greater players who often have different objectives, has greatly increased the complexity of the system, for which in order to dominate, it is essential to have complex simulation models.

Simulation is the tool that allows assessment of the market and the evolution of the electrical system, useful for production companies to plan new investments in generation capacity, the regulatory authority to assess the impact of the introduction of new rules, to network operator to verify the adequacy of the system to meet the demand in respect of the expected standards of safety and reliability, as well as to the political authorities to have the largest and most reliable basis on which to define the broad development of the entire system Electric.

Based on the experience and expertise gained, RSE develops methodologies and tools for risk management and analysis of both the Italian electricity market, with the aim to predict future behavior and to identify any problems, and the broader European market, affected by progressive integration supported by the harmonization of rules and the development of interconnections.