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Wind Power

Wind power is the product of the kinetic energy conversion of wind into other forms of energy (electrical or mechanical). Today it is mostly converted into electricity via a wind power plant, while in the past the energy of the wind was immediately u...

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E. Lembo, L. Serri, C. Rosito, RSE Offshore Wind Measurement Station in the Sicily Channel, IRPWind Conference 19-20 , Settembre-2016. Presentation Power System Research
L. Serri, RSE Presentation, 9th EERA JP WIND Steering Committee 25, Febbraio-2015. Presentation Power System Research
L. Serri, E. Lembo, ATLAEOLICO and TRITONE: two web tools to support the wind sector, Effetti Sulcis Energia 2015 Un'idea di sviluppo sostenibile per il Sulcis 23, Ottobre-2015. Presentation Power System Research
G. Decimi, E. Lembo, P. Marcacci, C. Rosito, L. Serri, Offshore Wind in the Sicily Channel: Preliminary Results of the Measurement Campaign and Resource Assessment, OWEMES 2015 Offshore Wind and other marine renewable Energies in Mediterranean and European Seas 8-9, Ottobre-2015. Presentation Power System Research
E. Lembo, L. Serri, Use of Satellite Data in Atlaeolico and Tritone Webgis Tools, OESD Ocean Energy Satellite Data 30, Giugno-2014. Presentation Power System Research
L. Serri, A. Arena, G. Arsuffi, Progress Report on Deployment and Implementation in Italy, Executive Committee IEA Wind Implementing Agreement 19-21 , Maggio-2014. Presentation Power System Research
L. Serri, D. Airoldi, E. Lembo, G. Guagliardi, V. Casamassima, Overview on RSE Research Activities on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines, Topical Expert Meeting on Floating Offshore Wind Plants 28-29 , Aprile-2014. Presentation Power System Research
J. Alterach, A. Danelli, M. Meghella, A. Stoppato, G. Cavazzini, Seawater Pumped Hydro plant with variable speed reversible pump-turbines: a case study for the Italian islands, 3rd Annual Advanced Hydropower Generation and Pumped Storage Forum 4-6 , Novembre-2014. Presentation Power System Research
S. Sperati, Comparison of the economic impact of different wind power forecast systems for producers, COST Action ES1002: Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energies Training School 2014 22-26 , Settembre -2014. Presentation Power System Research
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