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Electricity network evolution

Today, RSE is the only player in the panorama of national public research that has distinctive competences in the field of electricity networks and internationally recognized laboratories. The development of the infrastructure system for electricit...

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G. Decimi, E. Collino, P. Marcacci, SunRiSE: building of a portal for the dissemination of data and forecasts for NPRSs RSE 17001777, 2016. Report Power System Research
R. Calisti, F. Careri, A. L´Abbate, G. Migliavacca, V. Viscardi, Risultati finali dei progetti di ricerca e-Highway2050 e GridTech RSE 16001481, 2015. Report Power System Research
R. Calisti, F. Careri, M. Cazzol, G. Ceresa, A. L´Abbate, V. Viscardi, Nuovi sviluppi modellistici in corrente alternata a supporto dello sviluppo delle reti di trasmissione RSE 16001479, 2015. Report Power System Research
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Power System Research
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