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The increasing use of automation systems and power electronics equipment for the management and control of energy and production processes in different industrial sectors, lead to a steady increase in the number of users that are sensitive to deviati...

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SMART-DSYS 2017, Development and Management of Distribution Networks, Power System Research, 2017. Carlo Ismaele Tornelli
MON4-GRID 2015, Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid, Power System Research, 2015. Giovanni Pirovano
SMART-DSYS 2015, Development and management of distribution networks, Power System Research, 2015 - 2017. Carlo Ismaele Tornelli
T&D 2014, Transmission and distribution of the electric energy, Power System Research, 2014. Paolo Mazza
RETI ATTIVE 2013, Generazione distribuita e reti attive, Power System Research, 2013. Claudio Luciano Bossi
RETE 2012, Sviluppo del Sistema e della Rete Elettrica nazionale, Power System Research, 2012. Antonella Frigerio
SMART GRIDS 2012, Generazione distribuita, reti attive e sistemi di accumulo, Power System Research, 2012. Luciano Martini
P01 (GOV), Studi sullo sviluppo del Sistema Elettrico e della Rete Elettrica Nazionale, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Claudio Cherbaucich
P03 (GOV), Collaborazioni internazionali e sviluppo competenze in materia nucleare, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Luigi Mazzocchi
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