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SUMMARY by Lauro Pollachini

RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico SpA) is a Research Organization with a
strong tradition in participating to European projects in the electricity and
energy sector, with a view to an increasing international collaboration in
research and technological development. RSE is currently 100% owned by GSE,
Gestore Servizi Energetici SpA, a public company entirely owned by the Italian
RSE is the new denomination of ERSE (former CESI RICERCA) since July 21
2010. On the basis of three-year Implementing Agreements with the Ministry of
the Economic Development (MSE), RSE is mainly financed through a public fund
related to the national electric system (RdS).
RSE is recognized as a Non-profit Research Organization with a wide and very
successful role in integrating the national research programmes with the EU
directives and plans: it is currently cooperating in more than 60 research
projects and coordinates 14 projects, involving more than 150 of the main
research centers and companies in the energy sector in Europe. Moreover, RSE is
actively involved in supporting the Ministry of Economic Development with the
aim of implementing the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan), as the
coordinator of the Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance
(EERA) on Smart Grids and taking part in the one on Carbon Capture and
Storage, as well as representing Italy in the European Industrial Initiatives on
Electricity Grids (EEGI) and Wind Energy (EEWI).

This report gives synthetic frames for each current, or recently closed, research
project funded by EU under FP5, FP6 and FP7 and other European programmes.

The participation of RSE in EU funded projects since the start of FP7 for the
period 2007-2013 is summarized in the following table.

Year Submitted Pending Funded % Success
2007 29 0 11 37,9
2008 20 0 10 50,0
2009 16 0 7 43,8
2010 10 0 4 40,0
2011 12 0 5 41,7
2012 26 0 12 46,2
2013 28 4 12 42,9
Total 141 4 61 44,5
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10