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Report RSE 17001250

RSE Ditributed Energy Resourec Test facility Island operation and resynchronisation test

Microgrid islanded management in all different phases (transition, islanded operation and resynchronisation) has been tested and successfully verified in RSE Distributed Energy Resources Test Facility.

Microgrids have great potentialities in distribution networks development as the possibility to operate different resources and loads as aggregated allows a greater flexibility and enables to optimize available resources management minimizing operating costs.

Microgrids are operated as aggregate and are usually characterized by a single connection point with the network allowing easier interaction with the Distributor Operator.

A key aspect of microgrids is that, besides being able to operate connected to public network as aggregate system, can operate off-grid (Electric Island) giving significant benefits to the user as regard service security and continuity and allowing to manage connected loads and resources independently with high quality levels when needed for technical or economic reasons.

Islanded operation are characterized by different phases (transition, stable island operation and resynchronisation); the correct management of the previous operation phases implies the development and implementation of reliable automation and control systems that allow to operate the microgrid safely and in compliance with the required technical parameters.

The present document describes the experimental activities performed on islanded microgrid and in particular:

− preliminary tests of systems (storages with power converters) that manage microgrid control, in order to verify implemented control function operation in off-load and on-load conditions;
− test of transition phase from grid connected to island operation in different operating condition (off-load and on-load transition);
− test of microgrid island operation with generation and load variation with only primary controls and also enabling implemented voltage and frequency secondary controls; − re-connection test (form Islanded to Grid connected operation) adopting different control and synchronisation techniques (phase control or by the use of an innovative breaker).

All experimental activities, performed in RSE Distributed Energy Resources Test Facility, have been successfully, demonstrating the effectiveness of implemented control techniques that can be adopted by industrial users without major additional costs.

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