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Article RSE 14004112

Land and energy, a meadow new examples


Nuova Energia XII ISSN 2036-8380, vol. XII N. 2, pp. 68-71, Marzo-Aprile-2014.

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A. Magnaghi (UniversitĂ  di Firenze), F. Sala (RSE SpA), E. Garofalo (RSE SpA)

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The goal of this article is the presentation of the book "Territorio, Fabbrica di energia" published by RSE with the collaboration of the University of Florence. In this book, RSE presents a methodology for the identification of an energy mix of renewable sources in a local area (the province of Prato). The methodology aims to identify the best technology to avoid further negative impacts on the investigated territory

The aim of this article is the presentation of the book "Territory, energy factory" edited by RSE and University of Florence. The book’s objective is the proposition of an integrated model for the siting of renewable energy sources power plants taking into account the local context specificities. This approach aims to overcome the traditional policies designed for single sector. The composition of the appropriate renewable energy sources mix is achieved by selecting the most appropriate technologies through the analysis of potential resources at a local and regional scale, therefore avoiding further situations of landscape degradation.

In this publication we have also pursued the goal of developing a methodology for calculating the potential value of the energy mix of the bio-region under study. This approach allows us to compare the potential assets of different bioregions in order to obtain the assessment of the exploitable energy of the different Italian regions.

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