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Poster RSE 15006822

Evaluating the effect of regional scale emission reductions on air quality over Europe


European Aerosol Conference - EAC 2015 6-11 , Settembre-2015.

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A. Balzarini (RSE SpA), G. Pirovano (RSE SpA)

EMOBILITY 2015 - Electric Mobility

In the framework of the AQMEII phase III exercise, a first model application is presented in order to evaluate the effects of emission control strategies on air quality.

Scenario analysis are relevant instruments to compliance with national emission ceilings and legal requirements. This study investigates the air quality impact of emission-reduction over Europe by means of the CAMx model. The emission scenario was defined in the framework of the third phase of the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII-3) exercise ( /).

The scenario simulation foresaw a reduction of anthropogenic emission of about 20% over the whole European domain for the year 2010 with 23 km of grid-resolution. The simulation was compared against a baseline case in order to identify the effects on chemical processes due to emission reduction strategies. Results show significant reduction in the PM10 and PM2.5 concentration, especially in highly populated area such as the Po Valley.

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