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Presentation RSE 15002856

The small Italian islands: CBA of the RES introduction in the current power system using storage systems


SOLAREXPO 2015 Fotovoltaico Off Grid Impinati Ibridi, Storage e Mini Grid Ibride Elettrificazione Rurale 8-10 , Aprile-2015.

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A. Gelmini (RSE SpA)

SCENARI 2015 - Analysis and electrical scenarios, energy, environmental

Cost-benefit analysis of the introduction of renewables in electricity generation for the island of Pantelleria supported by systems accumulations electrochemical.

The case of small islands not connected to the national grid appears intuitively as a particularly favorable to the exploitation of renewable energy sources; as an almost inevitable consequence of increased production from renewable sources and a reduction in the use of fuels, this situation is favorable to the use of storage systems (SdA). As an example on which to evaluate quantitatively these opportunities, we examined the situation of Pantelleria island.

Renewable sources are significant in that case geothermal, photovoltaic and wind power. Excluding geothermal energy, have been developed different scenarios with a significant penetration of renewable and evaluated with different integration solutions based on the most promising technologies of SdA. The results show the scenario with the development of renewable allows a reduction in spending on fuel by 45%, in a few years could repaid the investments in photovoltaic and wind power plants.

These results are obtained even with a cut of 15-20% of the possible productions renewable necessary to ensure balance and maintain a certain level of network security.Introducing the SdA, the configuration that provided the best economic results, the cuts of renewable production are reduced to 9% of the RES with a slight increase in the payback time (0.3 years).

The presence of SdA, also simplifies the problem of thermoelectric dispatching causing the reduction of the excess production is greater than the energy effectively accumulated.

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